Successful Writer’s Alphabet ‘X’—X-ray

Many years ago, as a child, my parents often took me to the paediatricians at the general hospital (now teaching hospital) in Port Harcourt. Reason for this was that I was often sick; even though I was a tomboy of sorts. A pack of contradictions you’d say.


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Successful Writer’s Alphabet ‘W’—Write

“The secret of becoming a writer is to write, write and keep on writing”―Ken MacLeod

Now, as this series draws closer to an end I can’t neglect to blog about what defines us, can I? That’s why today, I bring to you from my successful writer’s basket, my writer’s alphabet W―Write.write 0                             Image courtesy of Simon Howden /

Of course anyone can claim to be a writer. Truth is: not everyone who makes that claim is a writer.   Continue reading


Successful Writer’s Alphabet ‘V’—Value Chain

Do you know why writers are a moving force in the creative economy? That in spite  times of economic downturn, writing remains a sure thing?value chain9                                                   Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Here’s why:  because the writing industry feeds the rest of the creative economy with content, hence the commercial opportunities all year round are simply, limitless. So as writer, you have no business with joblessness, because you are the JOB CREATOR.valu chain 4                                              Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

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In Chains Of Secrecy


Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!
My eyes have heard,
That which my ears could not hear,
My ears have seen,
That which my eyes could not perceive. Continue reading


There Is A Place

There is a place,
Not far from where you are,
Where one is found by grace,
Amidst happy stars.
In this place,
My heart found and sigh,
And spoke under its breath,
“This is where I belong”
Where my soul can sing a song
With lyrics proudly profound
Holding hands with sweet sound Continue reading


On My 30th Birthday


Is about ten thousand,
And nine hundred and fifty eight days!
Since I alighted from a vacuum darker than the coons,
Shielded from the eyes of passing moons,
And the sun whose shadow,
Routinely tarriance on the earth’s brow,
Noted the third decade
Of my symbiotic relation,
With all species of plants,
On the face of a soil so dark. Continue reading


Successful Writer’s Alphabet ‘U’—Unwind

Do you constantly engage in all that needless work, stress and anxiety, in order to succeed as a writer?

unwind 5

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Like I mentioned in my last post on timing, often times we feel that the 24 hours we all have in a day, aren’t enoughwe wish we had more. It doesn’t have to be.

Tell you what: all that “I’m too busy for anything else, doesn’t prove success at any rate; and more importantly, it does no one any good”. Continue reading


Successful Writer’s Alphabet ‘T’—Timing

I’ve never yet run out of ideas what to write about… only out of time to write it in.”
― Rayne Hall

Of course Rayne’s concern is one that any writer can relate to. Too often in my writer’s life I’ve found myself wishing there were more than 24 hours in a day. And I meet fellow writers (especially freelancers) in similar situation all the time. Continue reading


Successful Writer’s Alphabet ‘S’—Sell

“Anybody can write a book. But writing it well and making it sell – that’s the hard part.”
― Jay Taylor


As a writer, do you really care about making money from your craft? Do you have workable strategies to convert key aspects of your writing output to cash? My guess is: if we are in this business for real, we should, on both counts.


Because, hey! After all said and done, it’s the bottom line that counts in any business. If you don’t care about profits, you need to at least be able break-even on your writing investment (time, money, effort etc.,); else you’ll be out of business before you say Jack. Continue reading



The sky’s blanching paste is used up,
Skin swooped by Melanocytes
Dilatorily dropping out of sight
Into a mighty drought of light,
Am conceived of hope at the foyer
When come you my seed’s mother.

The ducks are back to their nest
The pigs are back to their pen
I giraffe my neck my eyes agape
The cows are back to their býres
The dogs are back to their kennels
When come you my missing dame

How single you left me
In a space crowded with me
To clinching the pillow of lovelorn
My heart is ceded to forlorn
Yet uplifted by the will of hope
But how long this pain I cope?

How long may I be coiled
In a shell raided by your vacancy
A sterile soil
My thoughts daily toil
Myself I pour on this servitude
’til you come take me out of solitude

My wings are drenched with tears
Sewed into an iced raiment
To clothe my nakedness it dares
When come you my Eve?
Soon it’s another day you called me Eros,
But where is my fellow?

Written By Rex Mayor.

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